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Shablam-a-blam! [[college commotion: 1.]]

funny occurrences from this week.

[during a dorm floor meeting ice-breaker]
RA: “let’s go around and say your name, year, and major”
Kid:”My name is george, but you can call me the SpaceCowboy.”
Kid2: “My name is Ryan and i am majoring in Booze, Boobs, and Babes.”

[in the JayPlay: Wescoe Wit… (overheard conversations in Wescoe Hall)]
Guy: “My friend still calls his girlfriend “Adam’s rib.” She actually just dumped him.”
Guy 1: “I have 4 percent body fat.”
Guy 2: “Really? I have no idea what mine is. It’s at least 23.”
Guy: “I once saw Michael Phelps jump out of a helicopter into a pool of Jell-O. He ate his way out—after swimming 45 laps, of course—then killed an entire clan of Samurai with just his big toe.”

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Nerd Fighters

so today in Journalism 101, this ridiculously cool concept was introduced to me.
VLOGging. [Video-Blogging]…
i instantly fell in love with this site which was founded by two brothers. check it out to learn more.
here is one of their vlog entries:

the part about the mom caring so much about his haircut now & the parents loving their pets so much could also be a reference to my mom and dad!
haha, enjoy!

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A Great Place to Be…

last week i moved back to the glamorous dorms & once again immersed myself in the glory that is KU.

i moved up onto daisy hill, where a cluster of dorms sit overlooking mt.oread. it is certainly a different world compared to the quiet dwelling of my old dorm on the other side of campus. however, living with boys will take some adjusting. i never realized how batshit crazy they truly are. ive already had multiple numbers posted on my door. because-afterall- what girl wouldn’t find such a gesture to be so romantic as to sweep them off their feet… what a bunch of nerds.
my dorm room however does have a fantastic view…very las vegas.
living on the 9th floor does feel like i live in a penthouse! haha

o college. it feels great to be back!
[this video is adorable. watch it, you will be glad you did!]

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Scrub Mania

this summer i finally got what all the hype was about. i had heard so many references, quotes, and praises for it, i decided to see what made it so glorified. the first time i saw it i found it to be grossly overpraised. however, after a few insomnia filled summer nights, i gave in and continued to watch and grow attached to what i have named, “scrubs mania”. although, i now find myself almost addicted, i do find it to be somewhat overrated, however, it has lived up to what most have declared as somewhat insightful, ridiculous, and laugh out loud hilarious.

this could be one of my favorite moments in my scrub adventure, thus far.

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But I suddenly loose control, theres a fire within my soul…

this weekend was quite a girl’s weekend to say the least!
friday my nieces [carolyn & julia] came out to spend some time with their crazy aunt anna while my sister katie went and got her hair cut.(which turned out fabulous, i love it sister!) well after katie had left little julia woke up and we decided to do her nails. she sat on the couch, very still, and watched Angelina Ballerina while i filed, massaged her feet, and painted her toes bright PINK! it was pretty much her first spa experience.
[i should start a kid’s pedi/manicure spa! i bet hollywood would love it! suri & shiloh could be regulars! brilliant!!]
-here she is sitting perfectly still while enjoying her pedicure.

next, was hair. naturally. 🙂

after carolyn woke up from her beauty rest, we did carolyn’s makeup.

oh, how i love these girlies.

well TODAY i FINALLLY got to spend some quality time with my cousin/best friend since forever julie!

it was great, i love that girl to death.
we took a date to mcdonald’s & we went and saw MAMMA MIA. It was ABSOLUTELY ADORABLE. i LOVED IT.

i’m going to get the soundtrack tomorrow, can’t wait!
so here’s to the beautiful girls in my life that make it even more fun! afterall-
girls just wanna have fun, damnit! ha!