insomnia, summer

"sometimes you feel like a nut…"

its two in the morning and im sitting here, watching real world, randomly clicking around on websites, craving a parfait, not being able to sleep, while i continue to sing “sometimes you feel like a nut… sometimes you don’t” in my head.
yep, my friends, its official: it is summer.
after the first few weeks of being home from school, adjusting, & working the basketball camp at ku, i am finally into the old, traditional summer ritual.
sleep, eat, play, clean, shop, eat, tv, tv, shop tv, eat, tv, sleep… & sadly, this is probably the last “familiar summer” i will have. seeing as how i am 19, i am one year closer to the inevitable life of an adult. as much as i look forward to growing up, i will forever miss this lifestyle of lounging, grubbing, & flying free.

so here’s to summer 2008:
may it continue to be fabulous, a finale to an era of memories i will never forget.

(& summer 2009, let’s keep the growing-up to a medium pace…)


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