writing a book

Titles of books I’ve yet to write (& probably never will)

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  1. Watching Dr. Phil in Sweden: Homesickness & the Power It Holds
  2. Texting back & other ways my lack of self control has failed me
  3. Being Single with Shingles
  4. Cry Baby: My First Three Years in School
  5. So Your Mom Has Brain Tumor…
  6. ‘Why Are You Here’ & other questions you’re asked while abroad
  7. Crying on the Ubahn: A Guide for Twenty-Somethings Living Abroad
  8. Carbs on Carbs on Carbs: A Cookbook
  9. Me, Myself, & Ice Cream: On having IBS in a Ice Cream -Crazed Society
  10. Imposter Syndrome: I SURVIVED
  11. Opinions About Pop Culture: I Have Them & Think You Should Agree
  12. When You Are Too Invested: A Royal Fan’s Confession
  13. From Tampons to Chocolate & Beyond: The Glamorous Life of a Copywriter
  14. I Know. I Speak Funny in German.
  15. Freedom, Free Refills, & Free Wifi: Why I love America
  16. 101 Ways to Ruin A Date
  17. Say It Like You Meme It. The Sixth Love Language: Memes
  18. Just Kick It: How to fix your appliances when you’re too lazy to call someone
  19. Why Worry? Because that’s how my brain was wired: A Memoir
  20. I Use My Fork As A Knife, & other ways I have offended people unknowingly

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