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Three Things.


I’m not a live and die by the signs kinda gal, but I DO believe the planets affect our moods and decision making. I mean, if the moon can affect the waves, why wouldn’t the position of Earth not affect us in the least bit, ya know? (Sound science right there. ; ) ) In any case, I was a bit concerned when I read that the planets are about to go wild, but don’t worry, this article breaks it down and clears up some misconceptions.

Be mindful and be impeccable with your word whenever you can. The stars will do their best to witness your good intentions and, if they don’t, the people you need in your life will. Finally, it’s always good to enter a Mercury retrograde period with this reminder: Sometimes a bad day is just bad day. It’s hard and then it isn’t.


An English major analyzed booty call messages she’s received and I can’t stop laughing.

What kind of rhetorical devices did he use? Is there any hidden meaning? I asked myself, scrolling through the stream of messages on my phone. I see some polysyndeton, which contributes to the ambiguity, I answered myself, noting his use of capitalization and his placement of line breaks. Suddenly, I realized my tendency to overcomplicate things had unlocked what just might be the best-kept cryptographic secret of the millennium! I could use my close-reading skills to pick apart every tiny detail of this boy’s message, down to the very letter! And thus, the booty call explication was born.


I’ll be honest and say that I am 100% guilty of daydreaming about life as a French girl. I love Jean-Luc Godard as much as the next girl, and I went through an Anna Karina phase where I rocked red tights regularly. But after living in Europe now for nearly five years, I see how much of this “French girl” trope Americans have created is so far fetched and kind of obnoxious, to boot. And I know it’s a huge theme in the blogger world which I admit to having contributed to. (Oy.) That’s why I was particularly amused when I came across this article, 97 Things You Can Do Like a French Girl, on The Cut.

Ever want to behave like the cartoonish stereotype of an unnecessarily romanticized nationality? Of course you do. Here are 97 things you can do like a French girl.


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